Blue Bonnet Bakery's Wedding Cakes

No event is as special as your big wedding day, and Blue Bonnet Bakery understands that you need a cake that mirrors the importance of the occasion. For more than half a century, Blue Bonnet’s wedding cakes have been a major source of pride, thanks to the talented, skilled decorators that can create a cake so spectacular, you could call it a work of art.

blue bonnet cookieIf your wedding is an intimate affair or a grand-scale production, Blue Bonnet will see to it that your cake makes the perfect statement. If you’re looking for something classic and romantic or sleek and contemporary, our bakers will be here for you.

And, as is an all-important custom in Texas, the groom’s cake is another of our specialties. You can count on Blue Bonnet Bakery’s experience to create just the right complement to the wedding cake.

Did You Know

We offer wedding cake appointments throughout the week and on Saturdays. During your appointment, you can sample a variety of the cakes that we offer while you browse through our books. If there’s something special that you want or have seen in a bridal magazine, bring the picture in! Our wedding cake decorators will recreate it for your special day.