Blue Bonnet Bakery Profile

The Harper family opened the bakery doors on the historic red bricks of Camp Bowie Boulevard, in an area that served as home to a World War I Army camp, in 1934. The Harper family owned the bakery for many years, selling to the Hart family in 1993. A long-standing commitment to customer service and handcrafted baked goods has lasted throughout Blue Bonnet’s nearly 80 years of business.

inset-flagged-cupcakeIn mid-2010, the Hart family opted to expand Blue Bonnet’s size, in order to make room for a larger cake-baking operation. The move from 3900 Camp Bowie a short way down the boulevard to 4705 Camp Bowie means that our customers will have a greater availability of parking spaces and in-house dining, as well as more sweets to enjoy.

The new Blue Bonnet Bakery occupies a former, 1920s-era church, with 7,600-square feet of space that we have renovated to provide a better bakery to our loyal clientele.

Did You Know

Blue Bonnet Bakery has always been a family affair! The Hart family took over from the Harper family almost 20 years ago using the same time-tested recipes that have been used since 1934. That cookie you grew up ordering, yep, it’s the same one! Click here to see our menus