Blue Bonnet Bakery's Catering

Blue Bonnet Bakery can bring the party to you. If you have family picnic or you’re feeding a group at the office, we can pack up delicious box lunches for you. We’ll pack up any of our sandwiches, along with fruit, chips, cookies and more – you tell us what you need.

inset-catering Special orders for cupcakes, cookies, tarts or pastries can be arranged to suit whatever entertaining you’ve planned. Give us a call and we can work out a plan.

Did You Know

Blue Bonnet Bakery delivers! Cakes, cookie trays, sandwich trays – we’ve got you covered. Let us save you time by bringing the food to your next event. While you’re at it, let us take care of your paper goods as well. We carry the best there is to offer in entertaining with Caspari’s premium line of plates, napkins, candles, and cards. Seasonal, holiday, birthday and baby shower patterns are displayed throughout our bakery. Click here to see our menus