Blue Bonnet Bakery's Baked Goods

Whatever strikes your fancy, we’re sure to be baking it at Blue Bonnet, using the same time-tested recipes that have been pleasing our happy customers for all these years. Our dedicated bakers have made Blue Bonnet famous for our pecan pies, fruit pies, Texas fudge cakes, carrot cakes, Italian cream cakes, eclairs and cream puffs, petit fours and cupcakes, cookies and bars. That’s not all – our birthday cakes might feature some of the best decorations you’ve ever seen, and we make some wonderful, creative cupcakes, too. Our customers love our breads, rolls and breakfast pastries, too, and everything is made from scratch, every day.

blue bonnet cookieYou can often walk in and find just the baked goody you’re searching for, but it’s always a good idea to order in advance, whenever possible. And if it’s the holiday season – that’s when you’ll be sure to want pumpkin pies – you’re smart to place your orders as far in advance as you can.

Did You Know

Blue Bonnet Bakery donates all of the baked goods that don’t get sold in the bakery to the First Street Methodist Mission. We also contribute to local causes and charities throughout Fort Worth. Click here to see our menus